The Art of World Building

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Good morning everyone! Today I thought I’d change direction and talk about one of the things that I hear a lot about in the various writing groups I’m in: The Art of World Building. My thinking is there are two ways to go about it: Ease the reader into the world, or throw it all at them. Sounds pretty simple, but what do I mean? Well, that’s simple, kinda. When we sit down to write, we usually have the world … Read More »

Why you can’t just write

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A common thing I have seen in the writing community from attending a lot of groups is that there are quite a few people out there who ignore the marketing aspect of the writer life. They want to hire someone else to worry about that so they can just write. It’s a great thought and one that, in a perfect world, would be the norm. Unfortunately, that is not the reality. Marketing, particularly social networking, is a necessary evil if … Read More »

Using Twitter

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Good morning everyone! Okay, this has been a post several friends have been asking me to write, so here I am with my somewhat organized (disorganized?) thoughts on using Twitter. One of the first things we often hear as authors is marketing and the power of social media, especially sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and websites. Out of all of them, Twitter has been my drug of choice. Why? Well, that’s tough to explain. Mainly because I can link my … Read More »

Ad Space in the Annual Conference Program

Every year, all of the attendees who go to the Florida Writers Conference are given a bag with goodies. They are also given a conference program that includes all of the details as to what is going on. The program is what everyone reads through because it has the schedule of workshops, the bios for all of the presenters, and all sorts of other goodness. Whether you are planning on attending the annual conference in October or not, you have … Read More »

End With Somewhere to Start

Sometimes I run out of steam. Sometimes I run out of ideas. Sometimes I run out of time. Sometimes I just plain get stuck. Whatever the reason that forces me to stop writing, I make sure I won’t have to face “blank screen syndrome” when I settle back into my chair (not completely, anyway). Before I shut my computer down, I like to have some specifics of where the story is headed upon my return. My mind will keep exploring … Read More »

The Joys of Kindle Unlimited

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Good morning everyone! This is a post I’ve been kicking around for a while now. The problem was, I couldn’t think of how best to explain my thoughts on Kindle Unlimited until recently. As I’m sure many of you have either heard or maybe even experienced, there are mixed feelings about Amazon’s new Kindle Unlimited program. Basically, it allows the user to “borrow a book that is KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Select for one month for free. If they read … Read More »

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