My Weekend Pity Party

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Going forward, unfortunately, involves going back. At least, that’s what I encountered this weekend on the “home stretch” of my middle grade novel. I succumbed to the “WILL THIS EVER BE DONE?” pity party on Saturday, and did not turn my computer on until Sunday afternoon. I tidied up, and went to a symphony concert Saturday night. Sunday, I slept in, watched “Sunday Morning,” and enjoyed my breakfast of oatmeal, walnuts, and raspberries. I hung up a great sale deal … Read More »

It’s Alive!

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Good morning! Have you ever thought of an awesome scene but after writing it down, it lacked the same punch? It’s probably safe to say this has happened to all of us at some point. I know I’ve had scenes in my head that were the awesomest, yet when I tried to transfer them to paper I ended up with a steaming pile of poo. It’s like a disease or cockroach that refuses to be exterminated. So, instead of crumpling … Read More »

Royal Palm Literary Award Winners Announced

Drum roll, please! Announcing the winners of the 2015 Royal Palm Literary Awards! Drum roll, indeed! We have the results of the Florida Writers Association’s largest, most competitive Royal Palm Literary Awards (RPLA) competition in history. The winners were announced during the special awards banquet, part of FWA’s four-day annual conference in Altamonte Springs, Florida, October 15-18, 2015. The competition, which received 393 submissions, was RPLA’s fourteenth. Adults and Youth submitted entries in 30 adult genre-categories and 15 Youth categories, … Read More »

Why We Write

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Asking a writer why he or she writes is like asking Peyton Manning why he throws a football or Wynton Marsalis why he blows the trumpet. We do it because we’ve found it to be the best way to express ourselves—and we’re good at it. In a way, writing is an obsessive-compulsive behavior. We write because we don’t have a choice. Those of us attempting to put words on paper in a meaningful way are miserable when we’re not writing, … Read More »

What’s Your Perspective?

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Good morning everyone! Our world is made up of millions of different perspectives, and when it comes to writing perspectives, POV (Point of View) styles often come to mind for me. As many of you may recall, I’m a huge fan of writing in Third Person Omniscient (No scene breaks between POV shifts). It’s a writing style that’s one of, if not, the oldest in the profession and is often saved for the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres. Don’t worry … Read More »

Call for Blog Submissions

We welcome submissions to the Florida Writers Association blog. Please read and follow our requirements carefully before you submit. Submission Requirements You must be a member of the Florida Writers Association in good standing or one of our conference faculty in order to be published. Posts about the craft of writing, book design or marketing, publishing, the business of writing, Florida Writers Association events and programs, and other topics of general interest to the writing community are welcome. We do not … Read More »

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