Better Left Unsaid

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When we write dialogue in a first draft, most of us try and make it sound informal and natural. Conversational, because it’s supposed to represent a conversation. But not too conversational, of course. If you transcribed verbatim almost any real conversation you hear in a day, you’ll read it back and realize it sounds much like incoherent blather. So you attempt a better version of the real thing. When revising dialogue, though, I find myself cutting and cutting, trying to … Read More »

Why I Became Chairman of FWAY: The Florida Writers Association Youth Program

I was discussing where my crazy ideas come during a library visit, when I noticed a young boy, seated by himself in the back, was chomping on something hanging from his mouth. When I walked over, he grabbed the gloppy thing and shoved it in his pocket, obviously thinking he was in big trouble. I smiled, but he still looked about to skitter away and hide under a desk. “You’re not in trouble,” I said. “What were you eating?” He … Read More »

Write What You Know. Well, Sort of…

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The first lesson we typically learn as writers is to write what we know—good advice. After all, we want the reader to step easily into the story, sensing its truth and authenticity. But that idea can also stifle a writer. A woman I was coaching told me she would only be able to write about her divorce. “I really don’t want to re-live it,” she said, “but it’s all I feel qualified to write about.” First-hand experience may be a … Read More »

The Five Fives of Selling Books

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You wrote a great book. Unfortunately, a few million other authors also think they wrote a great book, and they’ve put it on Amazon, too. How do you get people to notice your book in the vast digital crowd? 1. Five ways to improve the product: Reviews are dandy, unless an honest reviewer has to say the book is poorly edited, insufficiently proofread, has holes in the plot, or just doesn’t make sense. Join a critique group. Other eyes will … Read More »

RPLA Showcase: Jim Pons

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  2017 Published Book of the Year Hard Core Love Jim Pons   A story of spiritual evolution in the world of fame, Jim’s book winds its way from the Sunset Strip to the NFL and finally a long-sought peace with God. At the 2017 Royal Palm Literary Award Banquet, author Jim Pons won Published Book of the Year. Each year at the RPLA Banquet, authors experience the joy of earning accolades for all the hard work that is often … Read More »

How Do You Compete Against People With Your Name?

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It was twenty years ago when I learned there was another Erik Deckers in the world. He was a real estate agent in Belgium, and he seemed a little perplexed when I first emailed him. But we chatted back and forth a few times, and he seemed like a decent guy. Fast forward to four years ago, when I learned there are four other Erik Deckers in the world, and they’re all from Belgium and The Netherlands. My dad’s from … Read More »

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