Enriching Your Narrative – Part II

by Mary Lois Sanders & Sarah Nell Summers Weaving Description into Your Scene Organically, i.e., no info dumping! First, what do we mean by ‘organically’? Simply put, the descriptors are not a list lumped together, but details woven into the body of the narrative. This weaving should be seamless for the reader, too. Information he needs to know, that comes as he needs it. This difference between ‘info dump’ vs. ‘weaving’ is critical. An ‘info dump’ stops the plot and … Read More »

Write Well All the Time

Do your communications with publishing industry professionals exhibit the same level of care you’ve put into your creative writing? In my work as a freelance editor and as an editor for a magazine and e-newsletters, I receive a constant flow of email and other messages. I love hearing from you! But I often imagine what it would be like for an agent, publisher, or magazine editor who is dealing with hundreds of queries a day to receive some of the … Read More »


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Foreshadowing is putting an object, bit of dialogue, or an action into a scene which hints at something happening later in the story. To be effective, it needs to be subtle enough for readers to miss it; and when they come across what has been foreshadowed, they will think, “That’s right! In the beginning, the character said or did this.” Examples: In the movie The Wizard of Oz, based on L. Frank Baum’s book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, there are … Read More »

Hear ye, hear ye! The list of 2016 RPLA finalists is out!

The list is out! The list of Royal Palm Literary Awards (RPLA) finalists, that is. What’s next? Winners will be announced at the RPLA Awards Banquet October 22, 2016, during the annual Florida Writers conference at the Hilton Orlando Altamonte Springs. The Banquet is included in the full conference and the Saturday-only conference packages. Or you may attend the Banquet a la carte. To get in on the fun, please click here. You may register for the full conference, Saturday … Read More »

The Waiting Game

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So, one manuscript is done (are they ever, really?) and is navigating its way through the netherworld of publication or rejection. Each click of the “send” button brings with it a wave of hope, excitement, and terror. And so it begins – the waiting game, that is. What’s a writer to do? I gifted myself a well-deserved break from my computer. I binge-watched Outlander, grabbed my pruners and ventured into the yard that had transformed to a jungle in my … Read More »

RPLA Showcase: Stephen Kindland

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Welcome to the RPLA Showcase Each year at the Royal Palm Literary Award Banquet, authors experience the joy of earning accolades for all the hard work that is often done in the privacy of the home with little to no recognition. Our goal is to showcase the best of the best at the 2015 Royal Palm Literary Awards and provide First Place winners with a well-deserved spotlight. Not only are we recognizing extraordinary talent, but we’re giving readers an opportunity … Read More »

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