RPLA Showcase: Anne Nichols Reynolds

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Welcome to the RPLA Showcase 2016 Published Romance Winter Harvest by Anne Nichols Reynolds In Winter Harvest, Dana Winter leaves behind tragedy and loss to heal on her aunt’s cattle ranch in Colorado. This is one woman’s journey to acceptance, wholeness, and new love. At the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards Banquet, author Anne Nichols Reynolds won First Place in the Published Romance category. Each year at the RPLA Banquet, authors experience the joy of earning accolades for all the hard work that … Read More »

RPLA Showcase: Kerryn Reid

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Welcome to the RPLA Showcase 2016 Unpublished Novella Butterfly in a Hurricane by Kerryn Reid In Butterfly in a Hurricane, Lydia DiMarco is a young woman with beauty and brains, and no idea what to do with them. She also has Asperger’s Syndrome. Hiding away in her little house in Bonita Springs, she’s doing just fine, thank you… until she falls in love with a cop. At the 2016 Royal Palm Literary Awards Banquet, author Kerryn Reid won First Place in … Read More »

Syntax Style

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The syntax of a sentence can be used to affect the style of writing and to spice up the prose if not overused. There are several kinds of syntactical devices. Here are a few: Anaphora It’s a syntax style consisting of a repetition of the same word at the start of a sentence. Example: “I despise the man. I despise his stand on the issues. I despise those who admire him!” Antithesis These are concepts standing in opposition of one … Read More »

The Writing Life: Making Time To Write, Part I

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Writing fiction is an odd choice of preoccupation. If you play tennis or golf or surf or run marathons, you can at least say you got your exercise in. If you paint or make pottery, you have a finished objet d’art to show off. Music? Your friends and family can sing along. Gardening? A beautiful yard or produce to share. Playing video games can be active and social. Reading is often considered time well spent for the mind and spirit. … Read More »

Understanding Copyright Issues of Photos and Visual Images

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When I was a travel writer for the State of Indiana, one of the marketing principles we preached was “photos get more traffic than text, videos get more traffic than photos.” In other words, visual elements will always attract more readers than a text-only article. I’ve found this to be true myself: if I can include a photo in my article, that photo will appear when I link to the article on Facebook. And if a photo appears, more people … Read More »

Memoir: Whose Story Is It Anyway?

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If you’re an author, do you give book talks? I know, they are full of wildcards and unexpected questions. A bit unnerving. So far I’m finding that most people showing up for my book events are friendly (knock on wood) and interested—except for that one woman who accused me of not believing in anything and stomped out of the room (not at Rollins) … we had good reason to suspect she’d had too much to drink. Oh well. **it happens. So, about giving talks … Read More »

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