Be Careful What You Type…

I’m sure we all know there’s been a lot of sadness and tragedy over the past week or so. It’s weighed on a lot of people’s hearts and minds, making tempers flare. This is where the problem lies. There’s a good reason that people are usually advised not to talk about politics, religion, or other things on social: most of the time, the discourse gets ugly. I’m not here, though, to tell you never to talk about important topics. If … Read More »

On Taking Chances…

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The last time I wrote, I talked about how important it is to be prepared. You never know what opportunity might be around the corner, and you have to be prepared to step up. But there’s an even more important aspect: the stepping up part. It’s terrifying sometimes to do that podcast, or to takeover an online Facebook party, or even speak before a group at a library or other venue. The thing is, if you want to reach people … Read More »

Confessions of an RPLA Anonymous Judge

  NOTE: The following is a submission by one of our RPLA judges. As they are anonymous, no author name, picture, or other information has been included. Enjoy!   I have a secret. I’m a judge for the Royal Palm Literary Awards. Judging is hard. It’s time-consuming. My brain labors and smokes as it makes the shift from critiquing to judging and absorbs whatever changes to the process FWA has made since the previous season. But judging for the RPLA has … Read More »

‘Always Be Prepared’

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Happy Friday! Sorry this post is a bit late today. With everything we have to do as authors to get our books out there, there come days where we end up behind schedule. Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the to-dos we face. So much so, sometimes the muse is hard to get in touch with. That’s what I was facing today. Besides being an author, I blog, do fiverr gigs, help with a friend’s popular review blog, and (of … Read More »

Save Your Darlings

The typical advice you will hear when first dipping your toe into the writing world is “kill your darlings”. Basically, kill characters off who are not serving the story any more. Trim overly-wordy sentences. Get rid of chapters/paragraphs/etc. that are not moving the story along. It’s great advice, and can help your novel. However, some might neglect to add an important footnote to that advice: what to do with all those words after they are no longer part of your … Read More »

Warnings on E-books?

According to this article, readers are able to report issues with a book to Amazon. In response, Amazon will inform the author of the issues so they can be fixed. If a book is considered “unreadable” due to formatting, it will be suppressed, while uncorrected books could have a warning on the book page to inform readers. Sounds good, on the surface. I am giving the benefit of the doubt, and saying that this has good intentions behind it. Unfortunately, … Read More »

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