News in Brief

Call for Submissions Attention Florida Writers Association Members: The Florida Writer magazine is accepting submissions for the February issue. Send us your creative writing in response to the prompt or your writing-related accomplishments! Submissions for the February issue are due by January 1. Download the details… Webinars In January, we’re offering a free webinar called Taxes: An Introduction for Authors, presented by Cheyenne Knopf Williams. Details & registration… We’ve also got a bevy of past webinars for writers that remain available for free or a … Read More »

Levels of Editing

If you’re hiring an editor to look at your manuscript, it’s important to understand that there are a variety of editorial services available to you. They range from providing help to develop a book concept to polishing a fully formed work. All levels of editing are not typically done concurrently, and editors generally specialize. When you’re self-editing, you won’t draw lines between levels of editing. It’s a fluid process. But when you hire an editor, you want to be sure … Read More »

Write Well All the Time

Do your communications with publishing industry professionals exhibit the same level of care you’ve put into your creative writing? In my work as a freelance editor and as an editor for a magazine and e-newsletters, I receive a constant flow of email and other messages. I love hearing from you! But I often imagine what it would be like for an agent, publisher, or magazine editor who is dealing with hundreds of queries a day to receive some of the … Read More »

Sources for Free Images

Maybe the goofy image  is what made you look at this article. Images are key to attracting readers to blog and social media posts. But how many of us can afford to buy stock photos? Images abound on the Internet and it is easy to use Google Image Search or another search engine to find what you need and copy it to your own computer. But guess what. You’re probably breaking copyright law if you use images you find that way. You wouldn’t want someone taking … Read More »

Reputable Publishing Industry Resources

Recently in an online writers’ group I follow, an author posted about a bad experience she’d had with a publisher to warn others. Writers were grateful for the warning, but a couple commenters piped up saying that the publisher’s reputation had been well known for years and encouraged writers to educate themselves before signing up with any company. No one wants to fall for a scam that wastes money and precious time and doesn’t yield results. Yes, educate yourself. Great … Read More »

What Does Your Website Say about You?

Many authors have virtually abandoned their websites in favor of social media. That’s risky because you can never control what Facebook or any other social media site does with its interface and functions–or your followers. These days Facebook wants Page owners pay for reach.  Only some of your followers see your posts unless you pay to promote them. Social media sites go out of style. (Look around and you can easily see that Facebook isn’t the draw for the younger … Read More »

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