Working with an Editor

An editor new to the business wondered in an online forum what other editors do when their editorial comments and revision suggestions are rejected by the author. The query provoked an interesting discussion, and it occurred to me that it might be interesting for writers to be privy to something editors talk about when you’re not around. The In-House Editor & House Style Whether or not the writer incorporates suggested revisions seemed to be a big concern for the in-house … Read More »

You Can Be Published in The Florida Writer

The Florida Writer, the official magazine of the Florida Writers Association (FWA), offers members the opportunity to see their names in print alongside news about FWA and articles written by publishing industry professionals. Submit by January 1 for the February issue Download current submission requirements for the “Paragraphs” and “Celebrations” sections of the magazine. Share Your Creative Writing In our “Paragraphs” section, we publish selected creative writing by members who respond to a prompt. Prose, poetry, and excerpts from larger works … Read More »

Where Does Your Story Begin?

I read a lot of book manuscripts, and I’m here to tell you there are some story openers in danger of being used more often than “once upon a time.” Here are some beginnings I see frequently: • Character waking up • Character looking out a window and thinking about the weather • Character thinking about the setting, reviewing the objects in a room • Character thinking or saying out loud, “This isn’t happening.” • Character pondering her life, her … Read More »

Call for Blog Submissions

We welcome submissions to the Florida Writers Association blog. Besides appearing on our site, blog posts are emailed to 1,900+ subscribers—a mix of members and non-members. Please read and follow our requirements carefully before you submit. Submission Requirements You must be a member of the Florida Writers Association in good standing or one of our conference faculty in order to be published. Educational posts about the craft of writing, book design or marketing, publishing, the business of writing, editing and … Read More »

Your First Reader

We can probably all agree that time slows down painfully when someone is reading our writing in draft. And we’re particularly anxious about what our first reader will say about a first draft, yes? When you decide your work is ready to be read for the first time, who do you ask for feedback? A spouse? A friend? Another writer? Your writers group? Recently I came across an article from Poets & Writers that I’ve kept for a long time. Kevin Nance interviewed … Read More »

21 Ways Not to Finish a First Draft

Writers can come up with a lot of reasons for not finishing a first draft, and some of them even sound plausible. I know the real reasons. (And I’ve got a solution.) Fall in love with the thrill of new ideas, but don’t fall in love with the work it takes to execute them. Need to begin at the beginning and make it perfect before you move on. Wait to find the time to write. Leave the work before you … Read More »

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