The evolution or de-evolution of writing

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Good morning everyone! As many of you know, I’m a HUGE proponent of writing in Third Person Omniscient and formal styles if that’s what works best for you. That thought process recently brought me to another thing. One of the most common things we hear online is about the evolution of the writing process. That’s something I agree with as, for the most part, we’ve grown to streamlining what and how we say something in our stories. There’s no denying … Read More »

To Sequel, or not to Sequel

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Hello everyone and good morning! The other day I got around to thinking about writing sequels and what thought process goes into them. As with everything, we each have our own thought and work process. I have nothing but respect for those that can plan a series out as a trilogy, six books, ten, and so on. The idea of planning something so large is as encompassing as writing an epic novel. At least to me. Look at it this … Read More »

Judgmental Assumptions

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Good morning everyone! Have you ever heard or witnessed something another did that stuck with you for a long time? It could be something as complex as a long period of harassment or brow beating or as simple as a single word or phrase. One of those that sticks with me to this day is the constant phrase, “He/She/They should’ve hired an editor!” What gets me about this is I’ve read books where the editing was pretty questionable, but in … Read More »

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