Prep It

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Good morning! Well, we made it to the last week of October and you know what that means? Yep, Halloween and NaNoWriMo. Yep, I’m excited. Why? Because this is my favorite time of year! For me, Halloween is about having fun. I mean, let’s be honest, it’s the one holiday where adults can act like kids, right? So for me, this will involve a lot of horror movie watching and prepping. Few things are as awesome as letting ourselves indulge … Read More »

It’s Alive!

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Good morning! Have you ever thought of an awesome scene but after writing it down, it lacked the same punch? It’s probably safe to say this has happened to all of us at some point. I know I’ve had scenes in my head that were the awesomest, yet when I tried to transfer them to paper I ended up with a steaming pile of poo. It’s like a disease or cockroach that refuses to be exterminated. So, instead of crumpling … Read More »

What’s Your Perspective?

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Good morning everyone! Our world is made up of millions of different perspectives, and when it comes to writing perspectives, POV (Point of View) styles often come to mind for me. As many of you may recall, I’m a huge fan of writing in Third Person Omniscient (No scene breaks between POV shifts). It’s a writing style that’s one of, if not, the oldest in the profession and is often saved for the Fantasy and Science Fiction genres. Don’t worry … Read More »

Using Emotion in Our Stories

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Good morning everyone! One of the first things we hear when we start writing is to make the reader experience our character’s love, joy, sorrow, and other experiences. I’m sure many of us can attest that doing so can be one of the more difficult tasks. The reason is simple enough: it’s pretty damn hard to express what we feel in words. To combat that issue we can choose the easy way out and say our character is sad or … Read More »

Beating Writer’s Block

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Good morning! As some of you may remember from my last post, I covered a few tricks I’ve learned to use in dealing with writer’s burnout. Many of those same tricks can be used to combat writer’s block. Writer’s block is, simply put, the inability to think of what to write. It’s also something I don’t believe in. I know my last statement will probably get me yelled at, but many others I’ve met always have ideas of some sort … Read More »

Dealing with Writer’s Burnout

Good morning everyone! Have you ever pushed yourself to the point you either didn’t care or couldn’t bring yourself to write or edit anymore? I know I have. Several times for different things and at different times. I also know my problem is I tend to throw myself into something to the point I don’t sleep, eat, or relax until said task is done. Over the years, I learned to pace myself, but that’s the easy part. We’re all creatures … Read More »

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