Networking Part 3: Blogs and Websites

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Good morning and welcome to the third part of my networking series. One of the first things we’re told is to have a website and blog to help build our online presence. While there are many different ways to build a site, two of the ones I’ve used were,, and among others. For blogs, I’m a fan of, but there’s also Blogger, Tumbler, and so on. I’ve only used a couple of those I listed, so … Read More »

Networking, Part Two: Facebook and Twitter

Good morning and welcome to the second part of my networking series. Since there are hundreds, if not thousands, of various sites we can use to reach our audience, we’ll briefly cover some of the ones I know and use. The first is one of the obvious, Facebook. To be honest, I don’t look at Facebook as being the powerhouse it once was for one reason: They purposely limit our page reach to “encourage” us to buy Likes for our … Read More »

Networking Part One: Starting the Process

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Good morning, everyone! I’ve been thinking about doing a networking series for a while now, so I thought I’d start this month with Starting the Process. One of the most underrated parts of writing is networking. Some of those starting out think it’s easy or people will come to them, and other that have been writing for awhile look at it like a waste of time, or something better left until later or never and want to let someone else … Read More »

Starting Over

Good morning everyone! Have you ever felt the need to start over? It could be something as simple as literally starting from scratch or finding a way to regain something we lost. For me, it was the latter. In a way, it came down to a single piece of advice I always give new writers: Don’t be afraid to do something different as long as you stay true to yourself and your work. Simple, right? Well, yes and no. You … Read More »

Info Dumping – Making people feel part of the make believe world

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Good morning everyone! One thing I love about writing is how we can create anything we can think of. I mean, how awesome is it that entire worlds, ecosystems, people, and sciences are created with a thought? There’s just one problem: Info dumping. What is info dumping? Basically, it’s dumping tons of information into our readers’ laps. Think of it as someone setting a twenty pound bad of laundry (or anything) in your lap while you’re trying to concentrate on … Read More »

Returning Problems

Good morning everyone! Today’s a little different as I thought it’d be good to discuss some of the issues plaguing authors. As many of you may have noticed over the last week, a reader’s interaction with an author has been going around on social media. The basic gist of it is the reader contacted the author saying how much she loved the author’s books, but had to return them because $.99 and $2.99 is too expensive and the author should … Read More »

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