My Weekend Pity Party

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Going forward, unfortunately, involves going back. At least, that’s what I encountered this weekend on the “home stretch” of my middle grade novel. I succumbed to the “WILL THIS EVER BE DONE?” pity party on Saturday, and did not turn my computer on until Sunday afternoon. I tidied up, and went to a symphony concert Saturday night. Sunday, I slept in, watched “Sunday Morning,” and enjoyed my breakfast of oatmeal, walnuts, and raspberries. I hung up a great sale deal … Read More »

The Moose Stays

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The setting for my middle grade mystery is northern Minnesota. There was no doubt in my mind that a moose had to play a part, had to be in the story somewhere. If you’ve ever lived in, or visited northern Minnesota, you’ll know that the décor usually reflects the breathtaking natural environment and the animals that live there — deer print pillows, pine tree-patterned quilts, and moose mugs. There may even be a mounted head watching you from an alcove or above a fireplace. I … Read More »

Fine Tuning in the Editing Pond

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I’ve donned my waders (perhaps I should be wearing hip boots!) as I slosh my way through the third draft of my middle-grade mystery. My editor is a godsend. She provided me with detailed notes/comments and meets with me after each quadrant so that we can discuss what is amazing (whoohoo!) and what still needs fine tuning and/or clarification (go back and fix that). My nights and weekends (I work full-time) are dedicated to editing and re-writing the small sections … Read More »

The Pinocchio Phenomenon

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It started out as a gathering of ideas, a list of characters, and a setting. Happenings on paper that would become a work of fiction. But as my story evolved, the characters, settings, and events became more real to me than I ever imagined possible. I learned about my characters as my story progressed, but I had a multi-level challenge. Not only did I have to know what I was telling the reader, I also had to know my characters on a deeper level. … Read More »

End With Somewhere to Start

Sometimes I run out of steam. Sometimes I run out of ideas. Sometimes I run out of time. Sometimes I just plain get stuck. Whatever the reason that forces me to stop writing, I make sure I won’t have to face “blank screen syndrome” when I settle back into my chair (not completely, anyway). Before I shut my computer down, I like to have some specifics of where the story is headed upon my return. My mind will keep exploring … Read More »

Write When You’re Not Writing

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If I were to ask you to describe a writer, what would your response be? If someone posed that question to me, initially I’d describe someone hard at work at a desk, typing, staring into a computer screen, or balling up wads of paper and tossing them into a wastebasket (perhaps as they tear at their hair in frustration). All of those images are clear in my mind, but I also do a good share of writing away from my … Read More »

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