What Should Writers Blog About?

Last month, I encouraged everyone to start a blog as a way to show fans and friends some of the things you’ve been up to. With a blog, you can tell them anything you want, whether it’s your latest writing adventures, information about your stories and the worlds you’re creating, or even information about writing and publishing. Your blog is an excellent way to share information with people, especially if you like to keep your social networks smaller and more … Read More »

How to Start Your Own Blog

If there’s one tool every writer should have, one place they can send interested readers, it’s a blog. A blog is basically your centralized hub where you send readers from your other social networks. Think of your social media as a wheel — the different networks are the spokes, and your blog is the hub that joins them all. Your blog (which doubles as your writer’s website) is a public journal where you publish posts about things you’re working on, … Read More »

What Does Your Website Say about You?

Many authors have virtually abandoned their websites in favor of social media. That’s risky because you can never control what Facebook or any other social media site does with its interface and functions–or your followers. These days Facebook wants Page owners pay for reach.  Only some of your followers see your posts unless you pay to promote them. Social media sites go out of style. (Look around and you can easily see that Facebook isn’t the draw for the younger … Read More »