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Collection Spotlight: Linda Kraus

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When one has

previously been

seen as two,

a newly perceived

single woman

often suggests

the context of

a half-life,

an attempt

to double back

on her previous

secure identity.


I will never

accept the bromide

“my better half.”

It implies that a

part of me

is not only missing

but is somehow

inherently preferable,

so that my oneness,

my uniqueness,

needs to be complemented

by an extension of myself

in order for me

to be considered whole.

Let me forge a

new identity,

remembering the

sweetness of

my love

to anchor

my new life lived

as one alone.

Some observers,

who can only

dream in coupledom,

will continue

to watch for my

counterpart to appear.

About the Author: 

Linda Kraus has taught English Film Studies at the college and university levels. She has written film criticism, short fiction and poetry since adolescence and has published both poetry and film criticism.

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6 Responses

  1. Lorie
    | Reply

    Nice … and true, particularly for women, whose identities are many times chain-linked to their husbands.

  2. Bob Winkley
    | Reply

    Wonderful – And a whole hearted ‘Amen’!

  3. Donald Gay
    | Reply

    Yes, but for a lot of men, this axiom means we hold our spouse in such high esteem, as to make sure others know of their importance in life.

  4. June Gordon
    | Reply

    Thank you Linda Kraus for the reminder of our uniqueness. I do not perceive myself as “the other half” yet am joyful to experience the presence of a partner, a mate, or a friend. My mother’s repeated advice was”Learn to stand on your own two feet.”

  5. Linda Lowe
    | Reply

    Made me feel good reading it for both you and me. You have regained your sense of self as a single woman. This is a balanced healthy outlook, in my opinion, and an outlook that I don’t think many coming from a longstanding marriage have. As a now single woman who wants to stay that way, I find this an affirmation of my beliefs from someone I look up to.

  6. Paula Boxer
    | Reply

    Strong , self-aware — both the poem and the poet. Glad to see you have reached this place filled with the rhythms of life lived and to be lived.
    XO, Paula

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