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4 Ways to Interview

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Many attendees come to the Florida Writers Conference to pitch their books to agents and acquisition editors. But did you know scheduling an interview with a book buyer isn’t the only type of interview you can arrange? At FWA’s 2017 Conference, you can also meet with industry experts as well as schedule a private editing session. These additional interview types enhance your Conference experience.

Way 1: Pitch to Agents & Acquisition Editors

Interviewing with an agent or acquisition editor is a positive experience. Novels, narrative non-fiction books, memoirs, and even how-to guides all have a space in the commercial marketplace.  Meeting with a literary professional helps you gauge the industry and network with individuals who have their fingers on the pulse of the writing world.  Last year, we had several attendees who pitched to agents and were asked to submit some or all of their manuscript. Had these conference goers not pitched their work, it’s likely their queries would have ended up in a slush pile on the corner of a desk in the middle of an office, buried, and never read.

Way 2: Advice from Agents & Acquisition Editors

Did you know you could request an interview even if your work is unfinished? It is possible to ask the agents or acquisition editors questions that can help steer your work toward success such as: will my work sell in today’s market, what is the agent-writer relationship really like, or ask their opinion on the first page of your manuscript. The agents are at the conference for you, so you can choose how you’d like to conduct the interview. I personally scheduled an interview last year, offered a logline and summary, then asked the editor what my manuscript was missing. She provided invaluable assistance and helped me create a path forward.

Way 3: Industry Experts

The 2017 Florida Writers Conference also has 20-minute interviews available with industry experts. This year’s faculty have knowledge of everything from ethics for writers to navigating social media. Have an idea for a children’s book? Talk with an experienced children’s author. Want a 20-minute private editing tutorial? Sign up to meet with a book doctor. Need marketing advice? You guessed it, plan to meet with a marketing expert.

Way 4: Professional Critiques

Do you know you have a great story but need someone to give you the professional’s stamp of approval? This year, we also have two experts who are willing to offer 25-minute private critiques. They will review 10 pages and provide constructive feedback to help move your work forward—either back to the editing room or onto an agent. Either way, this confidential conversation could be just what you need.

The conference will be an exciting opportunity to mingle with authors of varying experience, discover the ins and outs of planning, plotting, and penning the next best seller, and immersing yourself in the one thing that brings us all together: Writing…and signing up for an interview is one way to make sure you make the most of your 2017 Florida Writers Conference.

Learn more about agents, editors, and faculty members available for interviews here…
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